lg-logo-001-640x480Electric cars are nice to get up and around, but there is one major drawback even until today despite the leaps in technology that we have made – that is, the limited range because of the battery that runs the ride. LG Chem might have just the solution as they announced that they are on track to roll out an EV battery that will hold enough charge for your ride to travel a good 200 miles before it gets exhausted, and this battery ought to be ready in a couple of years’ time. Unfortunately, LG Chem has declined to make mention of which particular automobile manufacturer will use it.


LG Chem has quite a way with batteries, having announced a curved battery in October last year. They will not be the only ones in this particular market segment, however, as General Motors too, has declared that they are developing a 200-mile EV that will be able to go up head to head against the more affordable Tesla EV that is touted to arrive some time in 2016 or a year after that.

Both General Motors and LG Chem do have a working relationship right now, as LG are the ones behind the batteries that the Chevrolet Volt runs on.

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