lg g3 crackAll phones experience wear and tear over the course of its lifetime, but to start seeing cracks when the phone is less than a year old? That does sound like a cause for concern which is what LG G3 owners are experiencing at the moment. According to several reports, it seems that there are cracks appearing at the LG G3’s microphone opening.

Why is this happening? Well we suppose some might have dropped the phone, bumped it, but others have speculated that the cracks could be occurring due to the fact that the micro USB cable is quite hard to insert, and trying to force it into the port could be weakening the plastic, thus leading it to crack.

So far there have been many reports on the issue, with an entire forum thread in Hong Kong dedicated to the problem, so safe to say that this is not an isolated issue. Unfortunately LG has yet to respond to the problem and even if they did, we’re not sure what else they can do except allow customers to exchange their phones for new ones.

The crack itself isn’t too obviously and it doesn’t really seem to hinder or affect the phone’s use, so we guess it’s merely an aesthetic issue, but then again if you just dropped several hundred dollars on a brand new smartphone, cracks are probably the last thing you’ll want to see. Any of our readers experience similar cracks on their LG G3 handsets?

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