lightfreqWe’re not sure how many of you guys would actually want speakers and a lightbulb combined into a single device, but in case you do, you might be interested in a Kickstarter project called LightFreq. We guess we can understand why some people might want such a device – after all it is pretty convenient and if you’ve always wanted to wire you whole house with speakers, this could be one way to do it.

According to its creators, the LightFreq is made from aluminum and polycarbonate, making it a pretty durable device. It will also fit into any standard light fitting and lamp, although they do point out that it is 5mm longer than a standard CFL lightbulb, so that’s worth taking into consideration if you plan on getting your hands on it.

What this means is that users will be able to install the LightFreq just about anywhere they want. In some examples, the LightFreq is shown to be installed in a table lamp, so not only can you illuminate your text, but you get to enjoy some tunes while you’re at it. The device will also come with an accompanying app of its own.

The app will allow users to wirelessly control the different lightbulbs that users might have installed in their home, as well as adjust the hue of the lights, so if you’re having a party, switching to some funky colors will help set the mood. Other cool features includes a proximity sensor where the lights can turn off when you leave a room. LightFreq has managed to raise over $41,000 at this time of posting and with 27 days to go, it should have no problem hitting its $50,000 goal. So, any takers?

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