A few hours after ridesharing service Uber unveiled UberPool one of its major competitors, Lyft, announced a similar service which is called Lyft Line. The idea with these services pretty simple. Get people going in the same direction inside one car and thus make rides cheaper for the both of them. Lyft claims that rides booked through Line will cost 60 percent less than conventional Lyft rides.

The company’s data shows that 90 percent of rides every day are taken by two or more people within the span of five minutes. Which means you have all of these people going in the same direction but separately which ends up costing them more. A simple logical solution would be to pool them together in a vehicle and send them on their way.

Users can set their destination and the app itself will search and connect them to an available ride that’s going to the same route, the result is a much cheaper ride, and you might even get to make a couple of new friends along the way.

Lyft Line is initially being launched in San Francisco on iOS. Android and other cities will receive the service in the near future. Uber’s carpooling service is currently in the beta stage so even its not fully rolled out. Looks like the future of transportation is built upon the belief that sharing is caring.

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