macbook decalStickers for laptops aren’t new, and neither are the decals for Apple’s MacBook laptops which takes advantage of the glowing Apple logo to create some pretty clever and creative stickers, like a decale of Snow White taking a bite of the Apple logo, using the glowing Apple logo to represent the Arc Reactor worn by Iron Man, and so on.

However recently Apple released an ad for the MacBook Air that basically showcased the different decals that one could use with the MacBook Air and interestingly enough, it seems that Apple’s ad did the trick for decal sellers as there have been reports that sales of decals have actually increased thanks to the ad.

1406695611-DecalGuruUniqueVisitorsGraham Spencer at MacStories reached out to several sellers and found that sales have increased thanks to the ad, but if you wanted something a bit more scientific, Benjamin Clark from The Decal Guru actually released a chart (above) that shows the spike in sales ever since the ad was released.

Now like we said, decals for the MacBook laptops are hardly new, but we guess the ad brought it to the mainstream so people who did not know about it were suddenly hunting for it. We’re not sure if the ad actually helped Apple sell MacBook Airs, but at the very least it benefited the seller of decals. If you have yet to see the ad, you can check it out in the video below.

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