Electronic Arts has announced that Madden 15 is going to bring CoachGlass second screen experience, previously exclusive to the Xbox One, to the PlayStation 4. The official blog post was penned by Madden NFL 15 assistant producer Jake Stein who shed some light on everything that’s new with CoachGlass.

As previously mentioned CoachGlass is the second screen experience for this title which provides players with an added layer of information about an opponent, the app is compatible with “most smartphones and tablets,” according to EA.

The new and improved CoachGlass experience enhances the Madden experience by feeding data without distracting the player from on-field action. To make information easily digestible colorized charts will be used. Previously CoachGlass was only used as a defensive tool, now it will surface information that will aid players when they’re on the offensive.

Apart from this the app will also display run/pass/option splits when they’re on the defense. The ultimate aim is to provide players with information that NFL coordinators typically take into consideration when calling plays on game day.

CoachGlass, the name evidently inspired by Xbox’s SmartGlass app, will be available for PlayStation 4 as well. It will be compatible with Play Now, Online Head to Head, Madden Ultimate and Connected Franchise modes.

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