white xbox oneIt does look as though the younger generation is unable to get control of their finances, so much so that some of them are willing to wade into debt not through the purchase of physical products, but rather, taking the online route and purchasing virtual products. Ian Holmes decided that enough was enough with his son Daniel when the latter was unable to settle his debt due to the purchase of games via the family’s business credit card, that he went to the police and eventually settled his son’s debt.

20-year old Daniel who hails from Ilfracombe admitted fraud, and needs to repay a whopping £2,097 (a large sum for the average person at that age) as well as contribute up to 100 hours of unpaid work. While Daniel obtained permission to use the card for his family business, he abused it through the purchase of gaming points and online subscriptions.

Holmes then had to make up to 77 payments to Xbox Live, which eventually added up to £2,400. When one takes interest into account, the bill hit £2,800 eventually, which is a pretty grim example of how one ought not to make use of a credit card, especially when it comes to something as potentially addictive (for some) as video games.

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