mCube-memsAs it stands, our smartphones and tablets come equipped with a variety of sensors that can track all sorts of things, but what if we could create wearables that won’t have to rely on our smartphone’s sensors in order to gather information? Wouldn’t that be a lot more efficient? Well a company by the name of mCube has come up with something along those lines.

The company has recently unveiled a tiny accelerometer which they claim is half the size of more traditional accelerometers. It measures 1mm long and what makes it even more amazing is that it combines and the component that detects movement and the component that processes the signals and data into one. Normally this would require two separate components, thus making mCube’s solution a neater package.

mCube also claims that this makes their chip cheaper, power efficient, and apparently more accurate too, to the point where it could be installed in phones that do not come with gyroscopes (usually omitted to help cut costs). While its use will probably end up in phones and tablets, its small nature could also find its way into clothing or wearables.

While mCube has yet to officially announce what sort of devices will be utilizing their technology, they claim to have already shipped 70 million such units across China, so we guess it shouldn’t be too long before we start seeing them popping up in all sorts of devices.

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