msstore-nyDo you find it rather interesting that when it comes to retail locations, Microsoft does not yet have one to call its own in New York City? That sounds like an anomaly, right? Here is some good news however – the latest round of whispers on the street point to a very real possibility of Microsoft actually setting up shop in New York City itself, where the location would ideally be on 5th Avenue – nowhere else would do in the Big Apple for a company of Microsoft’s stature. In fact, it also makes sense, since that would mean the rumored Microsoft Store would then be rather close in proximity to the famous iconic glass cube that belongs to Apple.

Apparently, the two-story building in question used to be rented out to fashion house Fendi, and considering how rents in the particular area is able to break the $3,500 per square foot ceiling, it would be more of a strategic placement to help thrust the brand even further into consumers’ consciousness, especially when it comes to a slew of newly released products.

It is no surprise then to hear and see that the past few years alone has seen Microsoft expand their physical presence across North America. Perhaps they are taking a page out of Apple’s book with this particular strategy, no? Only time will tell if this rumor turns out to be true or not.

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