microsoft-surface-pro-3__42How do you view problems? Do you see it as an opportunity to be able to fix things, or are you one who runs away in the opposite direction? Well, there was word concerning the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that ran on the Core i7 processor going through overheating issues, and it seems that there are some users who have stepped up to the plate and offered solutions of their own. Do bear in mind that Microsoft has not shared what could be the cause behind the overheating issues, so right now it is the community of users who are handling it.

User Step_001 shared over in the Microsoft Support forums that the issue can be attributed to the Windows Installer Module, as well as the Windows Installer Module Worker. These processes happen to kick off at random, where they will run in the background and eat up a huge chunk of CPU processing power and memory. Due to this, the Surface Pro 3 then overheats, or right before that, will “treat” our ears to fans that spin at extremely annoying levels.

Others who have killed these processes claim that both fan and overheating issues no longer plague them, and it remains to be seen whether this is the cure-all solution for Surface Pro 3 owners, or are there some other issues that need to be weeded out. Hopefully Microsoft steps forward with some concrete answers, soon.

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