uae-apple-storeIt goes without saying that an Apple product is more often than not described to be a device which costs a premium over other similarly built brands, and it is Apple’s design and marketing that seems to give it that edge, or the ‘X factor’ over its competitors. In fact, the numerous Apple Stores that have been set up across the world have more often than not been in posh areas, except for the Middle East countries that are full of petroleum money. Apparently, this is one “error” that is set to be corrected, if the leaked Apple job listings for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are to be believed. These job listings point to a slew of various retail store positions.

Some of the positions include Store and Market Leader, Manager, Expert, Creative and Specialist. Apart from that, there is also room for the Apple Store Leader Program, which happens to be a 2-year development program for those recently completed their tertiary education and would like to challenge themselves in the working world.

Right now, the UAE happens to be one of the top 20 richest countries in the world, not to mention having one of the highest expatriate populations worldwide as well, with 87% of them being residents. Apart from that, the country has been marketed so well, it is one of the more popular premium tourist destinations that has an added emphasis on luxury, too. Makes perfect sense for Apple to set up shop there then, yes?

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