Back in April 4J Studios teased Minecraft for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. This insanely popular game will soon be available on next generation consoles however there’s a bit of bad news today from the developer. It confirmed through Twitter that during final testing of Minecraft for PlayStation 4 Sony found some issues which means that 4J Studios will have to go through this process once again.

The developer formally confirmed Minecraft release for next-gen consoles back in May. It said that the release will take place in August. However with 4J Studios having to go through the process again, its possible that the developer might miss its intended date of release.

Minecraft for PlayStation 4 will feature bigger worlds and greater draw distance, all features from the current version will be included as well. Players will be allowed to import their worlds from PS Vita and PS3 editions however cross-platform play won’t be possible. PS4 players will have access to texture packs and DLC skins.

As the developer has pointed out Sony has found issues in the final test of Minecraft for PlayStation 4 so it will have to fix all of them before the game is submitted once again for testing. Once that happens and Sony approves it, the game will be available for Sony’s console.

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