moto 360-6The Moto 360 is starting to shape up to be one of the more interesting smart watches out there in the market, and we have also seen it in the flesh not too long ago, alongside its charging method being paraded for all and sundry to see. Apparently, there is more than what meets the eye – it does look as though in spite of the wonderful display and capabilities of the Moto 360, this particular smart watch will also come equipped with a battery that can last for more than two days, now how about that?


A longer lasting smart watch battery is important for users, since it would lessen the burden of actually charging up the battery every single day, where we are already burdened with more than enough devices that need a daily trip to the nearest power outlet. While the Moto 360 is not available for purchase just yet, it is comforting to hear that this model from Motorola will be better than the LG G Watch by more than a considerable margin. A two day plus battery life will certainly help it win over more fans, and it looks set to be a winner even before it is made available for purchase to the masses.

How long would you like the ideal smart watch to last in terms of battery life?

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