motorola-xt1096Earlier this April, there were whispers going around that the Moto X from Motorola could very well see a successor roll out some time down the road, judging by how well the Moto X did in the market. In an interesting way of naming the potential successor, it has since been called the Moto X+1 by blogs and news sites alike, and the name has more or less stuck ever since. So far, there has been very little information for us to work with where the fabled Moto X+1 is concerned, which is rather unusual prior to a major non-Apple release, but perhaps the mysterious box that you see above could very well provide additional answers.

A leaked image of the box as seen above does not say very much, but the label of Motorola Mobility model XT1096 does whet the appetite somewhat. This particular box did mention that it will hold a “pre-commercial unit owned by Verizon Wireless”, so if we were to go along the lines of assumption that this particular box is far from being a fake, it would mean that there is at least one person out there already who is testing out a Motorola Moto X+1 which is bound for Verizon.

Do take note that the original Moto X were referenced to as the XT1049 (Republic Wireless) and XT1060 (Verizon) when it comes to model numbers, so this leaked image might actually drop a crucial clue as to what the future might hold.

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