Having a Heads Up Display (HUD) in your vehicle can be a pretty cool feature, especially when it helps you to get around in style, complete with navigation and entertainment capability. It is said that majority of these HUDs in vehicles tend to work in a passive manner, basically, they just display whatever information there is available, but if you have an incoming call to take care of, you will still need to manually answer the phone. Navdy could be one of the smarter solutions out there, where the Navdy HUD will be able to show statistics about your ride, navigation information and notifications, in addition to having the added ability of interacting with what is shown using a combination of gestures and speech.

With the Navdy HUD, you will be able to swipe your fingers to respond to such notifications, or to dismiss any incoming alert. This particular system will rely on the integrated voice commands from Android and iOS, letting you verbally inform Navdy to obtain directions in Google Maps, or simply to play back your favorite iTunes music as though you were speaking directly to the smartphone.

The Navdy HUD will only be made available to the masses via the crowdfunding route, where those who are bold enough to plough their money into this project will have to fork out $299 within the coming month, compared to the $499 that it will cost when it ships earlier this 2015.

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