campus2-updateThere is nothing quite like having another Apple Campus to train a new generation of workers for Apple, building up a camaraderie which is unrivaled and being the envy of other companies along the way. Well, its does look as though the Apple Campus 2’s construction is moving along more than just fine, as it depicts a rather rapid progress which will include changes made on the main circular building’s foundation, thanks to new photos that have surfaced.


Some of these will include the rebar work which targets below grade retaining walls as well as the inclusion of interior “tunnels.” The Apple Campus 2 is said to sport the infrastructure of a spaceship, and it does look as though preparations have already been made to pour the concrete foundation, which in due time, will function as the base for the three-story building. It must be noted that the rebar work which is being associated with the retaining walls will in all probability, be paired alongside a comprehensive drainage system so that water ingress and lower level flooding can be avoided.

Crews have also been spotted digging out troughs in the central courtyard area, although as to what this particular action is supposed to result in, remains to be known.

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