lego-minecraft-caveIt goes without saying that the partnership of Lego and Minecraft is all too natural – after all, the two of these worlds do deal with blocks, building blocks, that is. While the previous Lego Minecraft sets were definitely up there in the cuteness factor, it is nice to take note that there will be upcoming Lego Minecraft sets that do resemble more like the standard Lego sets, and these will arrive with their fair share of mini figures.

Those who were perusing the Eurobricks forum recently picked up images of two of the half dozen sets that are said to be made available to the masses later in 2014. What you see above happens to be the Cave, where Steve will be carrying a pickaxe, and is friends with a zombie. There is no hard hat though, which goes to show that Steve has the intestinal fortitude of steel, since there is a TNT brick right behind him.

Apart from that, there is also The Farm, where one would end up with a standard player farm with Steve, a sheep, a skeleton, a jack-o-lantern-like brick and faux vegetables. These two sets have been listed to go anywhere from £20 to £25 if you decide to pick it up from the London-based Hamleys Toy Shop.

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