NimbleBit’s “Tiny” series is oddly addictive to play and if you’re a little of Tiny Tower and Tiny Death Star, you might be interested to learn that NimbleBit has since released a new tower simulator, except that this time it will task players to build a casino in Tiny Tower Vegas. The gameplay will be similar to that of Tiny Tower and Tiny Death Star.

Gamers will be able to build up a tower and with each level, gamers will be able to choose what kind of unit to build, depending on their needs and if they’re hoping to get some kind of achievement. The residents in the towers can be hired to work in the shops to help speed things along.

For those who are new to the Tiny series of games, basically they use actual time to build floors, meaning that if the game says it will take you an hour to build, you will have to wait an hour in real life for it to complete. Gamers can speed up the process by spending money, which is pretty hard to come by, although the developers are selling them as in-app purchases if you don’t mind spending some real life cash.

The game is currently available for download via the iTunes App Store or Google Play depending on your preference. It is a free download but like we said, there are in-app purchases.

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