nokia x2 4We know that Nokia has officially sold off their mobile division to Microsoft, but does that mean that they are planning on sitting back and just collect money from their patents? Well from previous reports, that hardly seems like the case, and according to recent job listings, it seems that Nokia could be thinking about possible future Android handsets.

Now the Nokia that Microsoft bought focused purely on Windows Phone, although they did dabble in Android which was quickly axed by Microsoft, so perhaps the Nokia that Microsoft didn’t buy will pick up where they left off. Some of the job listings don’t particularly stand out as they call for positions such as engineers and designers.

However one particular position called for a mobile photography engineer that had experience in writing camera drivers used on Android. Now considering that this is the same team that is being the Nokia Z Launcher for Android, it has caused some to speculate that perhaps Nokia could be thinking of launching their own Android device in the future.

We suppose at the very least, some kind of camera feature could be added to the Z Launcher, or Nokia could be thinking of launching an Android camera app of their own, although we have to admit the idea of new Nokia Android handsets does sound more appealing. In any case make what you will of this information, but until Nokia announces something, we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled for more information.

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