onedrive-appstoreThe OneDrive cloud service from Microsoft does have its fair share of fans, having gained some momentum ever since its rebranding exercise from being known as SkyDrive. Well, it is nice to hear that OneDrive has now arrived on the Amazon Appstore, which would translate to the ability for your Amazon Fire Phone or Amazon Kindle table to be able to save as well as retrieve files from Microsoft’s cloud service.


In fact, OneDrive has continued to receive updates from Microsoft from time to time, not to mention improving its security features while experiencing a price cut to boot. Apart from that, those who happen to subscribe to Office 365 would also be on the receiving end of 1TB of OneDrive storage – which remains there as long as the subscription remains active.

It seems that Microsoft has decided to take a slightly different route compared to Google and Apple who prefer to have their software remain within the confines of their own hardware, as Microsoft looks to allow users to make use of their own software regardless of the platform that it runs on. Would you be interested in OneDrive on the Amazon Appstore? Some might say that this diminishes the competitiveness of Windows Phone, but what do you think?

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