oneplus-01It was just yesterday when we heard that OnePlus could very well be dropping CyanogenMod in place for its very own operating system on future OnePlus One smartphones. Well, that is on the international front, but what about folks who are living in China? OnePlus CEO Liu Zuohu shared that the company on the whole will be dropping the Oppo Color OS over in China, and instead, will be developing and using its very own OnePlus ROM before the second generation flagship smartphone arrives.

This is a surprise, especially when the OnePlus One smartphone was unveiled just slightly more than two months ago, so to see the existing Color OS ROM being ousted from its handsets in China is quite a surprise. Apparently, this particular in-house ROM is touted to see action in the China market itself only, as international models will continue to make use of CyanogenMod. Apparently, the China-focused ROM which is being developed in-house ought to target the OnePlus’ sequel in due time.

Right now, the trend among Chinese mobile manufacturers including the likes of Oppo, Xiaomi, and Coolpad would be to make use of forked versions of Android over in China, since the stock Android ROM fails to deliver a decent amount of functionality because of China’s great firewall that tends to gimp Google’s products majority of the time anyways.

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