star-wars-blurayIt looks as though the Star Wars cash cow is impossible to milk right down to the very last drop – as word has gotten out that the folks over at Disney/Lucasfilm has plans to roll out the very first Star Wars trilogy – meaning without a single alteration made, in the Blu-ray format.

What better way to do so than for folks who are looking forward to the upcoming Star Wars movie? After all, there is nothing quite like relieving the classic Star Wars moments right in the comfort of your living room, don’t you think so? Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi will all be jammed into a Blu-ray disc package, and be released to the masses right before the theatrical release of Star Wars Episode VII happens later in 2015.

Apparently, this particular project is not something new but has been ongoing, although speedbumps have appeared in the form of the damaged original negatives that need some fixing. Do you prefer this version compared to the modified Star Wars movies that came out more than a decade ago, which saw new and improved planet explosions? I suppose only true blue fans would pick this up.

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