ozobotOzobot is known as the “world’s smallest intelligent robot”, and it has just been announced that product pre-orders can now be made online over at Ozobot.com all the way through to October 3rd. The Ozobot can also be purchased at the MOMA museum store in New York City in case you happen to reside in that part of the U.S. As for the Ozobot’s first free apps, they happen to be OzoDraw and OzoLuck, and can be downloaded onto Android-powered devices, with plans in the pipeline to deliver the same apps on the iOS platform.

The thing is, what kind of educational value does the Ozobot carry? For starters, it offers both kids and techies an expressive way to learn and play with robotics in a range of social and interactive settings. Standing a wee bit more than just 1” in height, the Ozobot is the most compact intelligent toy in the world as it goes around making its way through a path of mazes, tracks and playgrounds that the user creates on a tablet, smartphone and heck, even on paper if you like to take the old school route.

Basically, all you need to do is to draw your own moves on paper, or opt to drag and drop them on tablets and smartphones, and the Ozobot will obediently carry out your instructions. Alternatively, it is also capable of moving autonomously, and where more complex gaming is concerned, the Ozobot is able to memorize and play back up to 500 moves.

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