ferrari-dronePininfarina, the Italian company whose claim to fame includes the designing of Ferraris, has something else that might just tickle your fancy this time around – with the design of this drone that is aptly known as the Sky Rider. Of course, taking into account the pedigree of Pininfarina, one ought to be able to expect that the Sky Rider would fall under the category of a “premium drone”, if there is ever such a thing. Just what does the Sky Rider have to offer that might tempt you to part with your hard earned money?

For starters, the Sky Rider will offer excellent maneuverability as you control it from afar, while there is also a built-in camera and GPS tracking ability. Pininfarina touts that the Sky Rider will carry with it a unique visual identity, and it has a perfect aerodynamic shape that will help minimize drag, allowing it to be as efficient as possible while it is in the air.

The Sky Rider was made possible thanks to a collaboration with another Italian company known as DeAgostini Publishing, and the entire drone will be sold not as a whole from the get go, but rather, will be made available to the masses as a step-by-step, issue-by-issue, taking all 55 installments for you to pick up the necessary bits and pieces. The final price tag would end up at €1,500, which might sound prohibitive at first, but do bear in mind it would also be the most affordable Pininfarina-designed vehicle to date thn.

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