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If your console is connected to one TV in the house and you want to extend your gaming experience to another TV, there has to be another way apart from spending a few hundred dollars on a second console. Sony came to the rescue of PlayStation fans with the PlayStation TV. Originally unveiled back in 2013 as the PS Vita TV, this device is capable of extending the game experience on an additional screen.

Sony reintroduced this microconsole as the PlayStation TV back at E3 2014. It lets gamers stream their PlayStation 4 games to another TV in the house. Gamers will be able to enjoy just about every title using the PlayStation TV apart from titles that require PlayStation Camera.

The microconsole also supports Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service which will allow them to stream PlayStation 3 games on the PlayStation TV. The service is currently in open beta so if it doesn’t run smoothly, keep an open mind.

Sony confirmed at Gamescom today that PlayStation TV will be released in Europe and across the PAL region on November 14th for for €99. That won’t be all, alongside the microconsole, Sony will also include three titles, OlliOlli, Worms Revolution Extreme and Velocity Ultra.

November 14th is the exact date on which this device was initially released in Japan last year. It took Sony one year to bring the PlayStation TV to Europe, but better late than never.

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