bb-passport-pocketIt does look as though fans of the BlackBerry brand are looking forward to the BlackBerry Passport, and they definitely have good reason to do so. One thing though – folks do not really know the actual size of the BlackBerry Passport since no specifications were leaked concerning those details, and thankfully, the square looking handset has been revealed to show that it is possible to slip into one’s pocket without looking rather awkward.

In fact, it is also rather interesting to take note that the keyboard itself doubles up as a touchpad, sporting wide keys, which users, regardless of their finger size, ought to have no issues whatsoever typing with it. Not only that, without any kind of numbers or punctuation on the keyboard, these will look as virtual keys depending on the context of what you are typing at the moment.

Hopefully ordinary pockets that are able to fit the width of the BlackBerry Passport will also be able to handle the length of the handset. Not only that, after being certified by the FCC and picking up its GCF Certification, the BlackBerry Passport has also been given the go ahead to go on sale in the city-state, Singapore. No idea on its pricing however.

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BlackBerry Passport
1440x1440 LCD
Price (approximative)
~$380 - Amazon
13 MP
Image Stabilization
196 g
3450 mAh
Launched in
Snapdragon 801 + MicroSD
Storage (GB)
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