Now here is a super effective (pardon the reference) way of milking the Pokémon franchise even further – and that is through a release of a variant game that will draw its source material from the Pokémon universe. In fact, Pokkén Tournament is a fighting game that takes part in the world of Pokémon, and it was recently announced in Japan earlier this morning. This is radical, no longer do you use your imagination and text-based descriptions on how your Pokémon fares against its opponent, but rather, it offers a chance for typical weaker types of Pokémon to actually defeat its natural “predator”, so to speak, if you have enough skill to do so.

Pokkén Tournament is said to be a two-player arcade game and it is currently in the pipeline thanks to a collaboration with Bandai Namco. If that name is familiar, that is because Bandai Namco happens to be the publisher of the Tekken series. Of course, if you are all too excited about seeing Pokkén Tournament appear on a Nintendo console near you anytime this year before Christmas, be prepared to be disappointed, as this particular game is tipped to roll out only in 2015. As to whether it will be early, in the middle, or at the tail end of next year, that remains to be seen, so stay tuned! We do know that the Pokémon Company has already filed for a trademark for “Pokkén Fighters” last year.

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