potato-salad-kickstarterThere are some Kickstarter projects that definitely endear themselves to the masses (instantly in select cases, I might add), and the Potato Salad is one of them. Who would have thought that something as zany as making a serving of delicious potato salad is going to go so far, not to mention garner plenty of attention along the way? Already earning 50,000% of its original goal early last month, this Kickstarter project has already closed, having raise a whopping $55,492 which is $55,482 more compared to the original goal of $10.

The Potato Salad creator, Zack Danger Brown who hails from Columbus, Ohio, intends to fulfill every single one of Potato Salad’s rewards and stretch goals, where it will also include making 10 times the original planned amount.

There will also be photos shot of Brown making the potato salad so that there will be an adequate amount of visual proof to the rest of the world that might think this is nothing but a quick get rich quick scam. With so much money raised. Brown will be placing the funds for a free “PotatoStock 2014” gathering in Columbus, while contributing to a civic foundation that intends to assist helping Columbus-area nonprofit organizations, as well as the hungry and homeless.

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