Back in 2013, Amazon unveiled a pretty awesome idea which is to use drones to make deliveries. This is a great idea because it would mean that some packages could be delivered on the same day that you ordered them. Unfortunately that idea has since been shot down by the FAA.

However it seems that the FAA’s reluctance to allow drone delivery has not stopped others from trying. Google is the latest to make their attempt in what the Google X Labs is calling Project Wing. Similar to other drone delivery programs, Project Wing will make use of a drone to make their deliveries.

Google has been conducting several tests and has logged over 30 test flights as part of the first phase. The drone used by Google is a bit of a hybrid between a plane and helicopter. The drone will take off vertically before rotating to a horizontal position. It will be able to lower packages to the ground and thanks to an “egg”, it will detect when a package has been delivered and will then release its grip and go back into the body of the drone.

Now we’re not sure what Google plans to do about the FAA and their restrictions, but given that Project Wing still looks like it needs a lot of work to be done on it, we guess Google will worry about that later. In the meantime you can check out the video above to see Google’s Project Wing in action.

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