There is a glitch that has been irking PlayStation 4 owners for the past couple of months. It was widely reported on the official PlayStation forums and even on some private forums. The PS4 CE-33945-4 issue prevented gamers from playing games and even accessing third party services like Netflix. Essentially it transformed the powerful gaming console into an expensive paperweight. There has been a response from Sony on this and there’s hope that a solution will be released soon so that PS4 owners suffering from this issue can get back to the business of playing games.

It has not been figured out up till now what exactly causes this issue. There are conflicting theories though, the popular being that this is caused by pre-ordering a digital title via the PlayStation Network and later cancelling it through the Sony customer support. This practise may cause a database error.

The PS4 CE-33945-4 issue is frustrating because it doesn’t let the console owner play anything. Naturally people started asking questions, wondering if and when Sony will be coming to the rescue.

Sony tells Kotaku that it is aware of this issue that has “affected a very small number of users.” The company states that it is investigating the cause of this issue and has made progress towards a possible solution.

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