verizon-pttIf you happen to be a Verizon subscriber, you might want to take note that Push-to-Talk Plus is now available for selected Verizon handsets. In a nutshell, users who are grooving to such handsets will be able to hook up with one another through a single button click, now how about that? In addition, you can be sure that overall voice quality will be improved, not to mention the service is also capable of offering a faster call set up.

To make sure that the amount of risk associated with communicating sensitive information to another person is minimized, you can be sure that encryption is also part of the deal for security reasons. With the Talker Priority feature, one is able to make your way through a 20 person conference call unscathed, ensuring that the message gets across properly. Apart from that, the one who initiates the call will be able to take control in order for the rest of the group to hear his or her voice only, helping drown out all the other (dissenting) voices.

Other features include the ability to join a conference call even when you are late with “Late Join”, while”Rejoin” allows you to rejoin a conference call that you have dropped out of earlier on. Heck, Push-to-Talk works over a Wi-Fi to boot. It will cost $5 a month for the service, but those who sign up now can enjoy half a year’s service for free. [Press Release]

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