re-hd-remake-8We all know that Capcom has already announced their intention of remaking one of the more original horror survival video games, the classic Resident Evil, to arrive on numerous platforms – including the
“”>Xbox One, Sony PS4 and PC, not to mention on previous generation consoles such as the Xbox 360 as well as Sony PS3. Do take note that as what we have mentioned before, this particular remake from Capcom will actually be a remake of a remake, where it is based on the GameCube version that rolled out all the way back in 2002 – a good dozen years ago. Check out the rest of the screenshots in the gallery right after the jump.

In this particular remake, do expect those who are rocking to the Xbox One and Sony PS4 to enjoy 1080p graphics, which will certainly deliver mouth watering gameplay. It would work best if you were to play this with all of the lights turned off, especially in a rickety old home. What are stunning visuals if there were no decent audio to complement it? This is why the remake will boast of 5.1 surround sound capability to keep company the enhanced 3D models and textures.

Apart from that, gamers will also have the choice of switching between the classic 4:3 ratio to 16:9 widescreen, while the controls are not set in stone since one is able to tweak it to one’s preference. What you see in the gallery are screenshots from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, so do expect the Xbox One and PS4 versions to look even more stunning.

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