apple-lightning-plugThere have been rumors that one of the accessories that Apple could bundle with the iPhone 6 and future iOS device is a new Lightning USB cable that is reversible. For those who are unsure what that means, it’s basically where the USB cable can be inserted in any way and still fit into the plug, versus the current setup where you have to insert it a particular way.

That being said, a new rumor from (via MacRumors) has surfaced, suggesting that Apple might not be shipping a reversible USB Lightning cable after all. They claim that the manufacturing partner of Apple has sent in samples to the Cupertino company but Apple has yet to move forward by placing orders for them.

They go on to note that even if Apple were to place orders now, it would take a few months before the cables are ready, thus indicating that the iPhone 6 might not be shipping with the reversible cables after all. However they go on to “confirm” that Apple will be shipping the new adapters instead.

We had earlier reported that Apple could be offering up a new and more powerful charging adapter. The reason behind this is apparently because of the new larger batteries that would come with the iPhone 6, so with the new adapters, it would allow users to charge their smartphones a little faster. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but anyone else disappointed that the reversible USB Lightning cables might not longer be bundled with the iPhone 6?

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