microsoft-surface-pro-3__42Pilots and tablets do not mix very well, at least if one were to take into consideration this particular incident where the plane dropped 5,000 feet in mid-air due to being occupied by the iPad. Well, it should not cause too much consternation to cruise passengers with word that up to 40,000 cruise ship employees working with Royal Caribbean International – which will also boast of robot bartenders on board their cruise ships, will be on the receiving end of a Windows-powered tablet so that the customer experience can be improved along the way.


I suppose if you are an employee of Royal Caribbean International, you would be pleased as punch to get a free tablet for use, but it also shows a vote of confidence in the Windows tablet range that a commercial entity is willing to place their faith in Microsoft’s hardware for such a purpose.

Richard D. Fain, chairman and CEO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, chimed in, “The Royal Caribbean men and women who provide such great vacations are the real heroes of our fleet and these gifts demonstrate our appreciation in a tangible way. This technology isn’t only about giving our guests a better vacation – it’s also about giving our crew and their families a closer connection than we’ve ever been able to.”

It is estimated that all 40,000 Windows tablets will be given out to employees before November 2014 comes a-callin’. [Press Release]

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