google-nexus-logoSo far, there has been a fair amount of rumors going back and forth concerning the Nexus X as well as the Moto S, where it does look as though that the two are actually the same device, with some minor differences here and there in terms of both software and hardware. Apparently, there were were a couple of Moto S devices in testing which might also translate to the possibility of having two Nexus smartphones roll out under Google later this year.

Needless to say, all of these are just rumors, so one ought to take it with a pinch of salt and wait until there is an official announcement to be able to know whether the rumors will be vindicated or squashed. Apparently, there will be a 5.9” Moto S as well as a 5.2” Moto S that are both in testing, and depending on the model that will finally see the light of day, that would have to fall back on the masses’ response to the upcoming Moto X+1.

Who knows? Google could actually see some potential in the smaller 5.2” Moto S device as another Nexus smartphone, which would not be too odd after taking into consideration that Apple themselves will be rolling out a couple of iPhones in the very near future.

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