chrome-securityWith the number of scams that are going on in the virtual world these days, it certainly does not hurt at all if you were to make use of this thing known as common sense in order to avoid any potential online pitfalls. However, just in the event where your brain decided to take leave from your body at one particular moment, there is always the option to fall back on smarter software to offer another layer of protection. In other words, you ought to be able to use the Internet without having to fear of malware which could take control of your computer, or being part of a phishing scam that captures your personal information. This is why Google has upped the ante with their Safe Browsing service.

The Safe Browsing service will do its bit (at least to the best of its ability) to protect you from various malicious websites, while provide you with a warning concerning malicious downloads in Chrome. In fact, Google has clocked up over three million download warnings every single week, and they hope to continue to see that figure ramp up in their efforts to keep 1.1 billion people safe.

From next week onward, Safe Browsing protection will be expanded to sniff out additional kinds of deceptive software, where these will include programs that have been disguised as a helpful download which would, in reality, perform unexpected changes to your computer like altering your browser’s settings. Hopefully, that ought to see some of the less alert Web users wise up. [Press Release]

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