Before there were missiles and rockets, cannonballs proved to be the ultimate long range weapon, but those were extremely heavy to bring around with you on a long campaign. How about a fresh take on a piece of medieval arsenal? What you see in the video above points to a salmon cannon that is capable of firing up to 40 fish – in a single minute, now how about that?


It might sound crazy, as though this idea is one that should never have been approved in the first place, but when one looks at it in a deeper manner with a greater degree of introspection, then you would realize that this salmon cannon comes in handy to solving issues concerning fish migration.

Being born in fresh water, salmon then make the long trek to the ocean when they try to make it to adulthood, before returning back to their spawning ground to breed – which is a journey that could span hundreds of miles. Artificial water constructions like dams do prove to be serious obstacles as fish can end up disoriented, injured or killed because of turbines or spillways, and this is why the fish ladder could come in handy, assisting migratory fish to negotiate the changed waterways.

Seems to be a fun ride for the salmon, this!

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