nikerunningappThe folks over at Samsung has joined forces with sporting giant Nike, and the two have worked to roll out the Nike+ Running App that ought to keep fitness buffs interested. The Nike+ Running App will play nice with the recently announced Samsung Gear S, where this app will make use of the new Samsung Gear S’ integrated Bluetooth and 3G connectivity features in order to deliver Nike’s best in class running experience to Gear S users right from the get go.

It does not matter if you happen to indulge yourself in a little bit of casual running, or are serious in keeping track about every single jog that you make each time you put on your pair of running shoes. Apart from that, it will also let you arrive at your pre-determined goals earlier on, and you can share your ups and downs (data-wise) through the app’s updates with your family and friends.

Imagine leaving your smartphone at home without losing the ability to track the progress of your runs – this is what the Nike+ Running App on the Samsung Gear S is capable of. It also leaves you with added peace of mind, knowing that no one is going to get your phone if you get mugged (touch wood), but then again, if there is an emergency, you might wish to have a full fledged handset of your own at that point in time. [Press Release]

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