galaxy-mega-bulletWe have heard many times in the past of how cellphones have saved lives. No, not because they were used to pull up relevant medical information or made calls to emergency services, but because they actually managed to stop bullets in their tracks. Well if you’re looking for another feel-good story, here’s one.

It seems that over in Taiwan, a man was reportedly shot over a bar fight regarding a missing wallet. It started when a man named Han found a wallet on the street, after which he joked that there would be free beer. However the man who the wallet supposedly belonged to, Xu, got mad thinking that Han was trying to steal his money and pulled out a gun.

In all fairness Han himself pulled out a sickle and perhaps looking to defend himself, Xu shot at Han in the process. However it seems that the bullet shot from the gun hit the Han’s Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 instead, which of course destroyed the phone, but we guess that’s a small price to pay for his life!

While we’re not sure if Samsung will be sending Han a free replacement Galaxy Mega in exchange for the free publicity, we guess Han can always wait for the Galaxy Mega’s replacement which is said to be on its way.

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