samsunglogoSamsung did not do too well in its earnings report for the previous quarter, and in order to return to a position of strength, they would definitely need something that is capable of wowing the crowds – and what better way to revitalize the market than with a release of newer and better handsets? Apparently, Samsung’s senior vice president of mobile communications business Hyun-Joon Kim, dropped hints concerning the upcoming devices, citing that one will find innovation and a large display, while the other will be “a very attractive new model that uses new materials and new displays”.

Apart from high end models that will increase the possibility of bolstering its market position, there will also be other mid- to low-end range models in order to complement the flagship device. Hmmm, a larger display with cutting edge technology? Could that very well be the much talked about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 of recent times?

Therein also remains the very real possibility of seeing implementation of a curved display on one of these mobile devices, which would certainly add to the overall wow factor of said device. After all, curved TVs are starting to draw its boundaries in the infancy of its market over in South Korea at the moment as Samsung and LG duke it out.

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