samsung logoSamsung and Apple’s relationship is somewhat contentious as both companies have wasted no time in suing one another to oblivion, although recently the lawsuits have started to quiet down as both companies appear to be working towards a more amicable solution. That being said, during the course of the lawsuit, Apple appeared to have dropped Samsung as one of their suppliers for components.

This hardly comes as a surprise since we doubt Apple would want to give their enemy business and money, right? Well it turns out that Apple could be renewing their relationship with Samsung. According to a recent report from DigiTimes, word has it that Apple could be turning to Samsung to provide the RAM modules for use in the company’s upcoming iPhone 6.

Prior to this, Apple had reportedly dropped Samsung from their list of suppliers for components such as RAM, NAND flash chips, batteries, and application processors, just to name a few, but with this renewed relationship, Samsung could soon be providing RAM modules for the iPhone 6, which at the moment has been rumored to sport 1GB of RAM.

Apparently this change of heart is due to Apple’s other suppliers who have been unwilling to produce more RAM modules for Apple as the prices offered by Apple are lower than they would like, so to ensure they have enough parts at launch, Apple had to turn to an old friend (enemy?) for help.

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