schiller-x1It goes without saying that leading a healthy lifestyle is definitely something that is worth doing, since it will help prolong the good life here on earth, not to mention that falling sick does prove to be quite a big hit on our pockets in the long run. Have you seen just how much those hospitals charge in terms of medical bills lately? However, in order to exercise well, we need to find a way where we enjoy that form of exercise, and the Schiller X1 water bike might just fit the bill.

The Schiller X1 water bike will appeal to those who love to cycle around, and have more or less exhausted every single trail that the surrounding neighborhood and even city offers. Perhaps it is time to look at the situation from a different angle – how about cycling on water instead? The Schiller X1 water bike will let you ride on open water, and with its high end anodized, powder coated aluminum cycling frame, proprietary two-stage 8:1 gear reduction with Gates Carbon Drive belt system, and twin rudderless pontoons, you can travel as far as 10 miles per hour.

It takes just 10 minutes for the experienced person to assemble and disassemble it, and tips the scales at approximately 45 pounds, making it easily transportable. It is not going to come cheap, however, as the Schiller X1 will cost you $6,495 for the vanilla version, while the limited “Founder’s Edition” (limited to just 250 units) will cost a whopping $8,775. Still cheaper than the operation bill though.

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