How much intestinal fortitude do you have? This particular dude had loads – either that or he was simply oblivious to the potential danger posed by snapping a selfie right smack in the middle of a bull run. Yes sir, this amateur bullrunner nearly cut short his life in Bayonne, France, during his attempt on snapping a selfie with a charging right behind him. This is one of those few times when the shutter speed on your smartphone, regardless of how fast it is, feels like eternity in focusing and capturing that moment for posterity.

In fact, in the YouTube video above, you could see how this man was simply doing nothing else but to concentrate on snapping the perfect photo, so much so that he took his eye off the bull – which is one of the cardinal sins, and when he failed to get the perfect selfie a few times, the bull was way too annoyed, and charged towards his target, bowling the selfie addict along the way.

Thankfully, it looked as though he was all right, and the only thing which was hurt would most probably be his pride, and nothing else.

It is starting to look as though the American Psychiatric Association might be correct in identifying selfies as a mental disorder – after all, we reported earlier this morning that a man who posed with a gun in order to take a selfie killed himself by accident, and this young man as described above too, proved to be rather bull headed – but it is a good thing that he was not gored or trampled to death. That would have been really tragic.

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