sleekeysIf you happen to work on your tablet a whole lot more compared to a notebook, then you would surely have an accessory that will include a keyboard of sorts – it surely makes life easier if there is a huge document that you need to crank out within the shortest time possible. Here is a Kickstarter project that you might want to check out – the SleeKeys, which is an iPad keyboard that works without the need for any kind of electricity or Bluetooth connectivity.


In other words, the SleeKeys arrives in the form of a sleek, simple and clever iPad case which will boast of an integrated full-size QWERTY keyboard, delivering faster and smoother typing, alongside a lower number of mistakes. It will be conveniently built right into your iPad case, and the keyboard works the moment you open up the iPad cover. There will be magnetic infrastructure which will ensure the keyboard remains firmly in place to deliver a steady and solid feel.

Apart from that, a slight groove in the iPad case will be able to house this bit of technology, delivering a seamless, flowing look that is in line with Apple’s philosophy. There will be no instance where the SleeKeys interferes with iPad activity, and when you have no use for it, just stow away the SleeKeys in just seconds. Since there is no need for any kind of charging, and there is no Bluetooth dependency, it reduces the overall bulk, and there is also one less charger to worry about.

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