There are plenty of instant messengers out there for you to choose from, but if you wanted something a little more unique and interactive, then the Somebody app could for you. Basically instead of delivering messages to someone directly, the app will instead seek out someone near you to deliver the message instead.

Launched artist, author, and filmmaker Miranda July, it seems that the Somebody app is hoping that instead of burying our noses in our phones all the time, this app will help us get out of our phones and into the real world where we can potentially make a new friend by delivering a message to them.

How the app works is that you choose the person you want to send the message to. Then from there, the app will use GPS to determine who the closest person is to your recipient, and when you’ve chosen the person the message will be delivered to them instead. It will also attach a photo of your intended recipient so that the person knows who they are delivering the message to.

Of course this will depend on many people having the app installed on their phones, but overall it sounds like an interesting experiment. If you don’t mind taking it for a spin, the app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for free.

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