symantec-syncThe digital world can be an extremely dangerous place if you veer to areas where you are not supposed to, and while there safeguards that you can put in place, even those can be compromised at times. Symantec, the company that deals a whole lot with digital security, has a wide range of software options for the masses when it comes to keeping your computer safe from other external online threats, and they realize that this can get pretty confusing for the end user, which is why they are working on simplifying their product range.

In fact, Symantec has announced that from this fall onward, they intend to streamline their nine existing security offerings, merging all of those into a singular, flagship Norton Security product. Norton Security intends to merge all of the features found in current packages, where one can choose from whether they would like cloud backup or not.

In other words, products such as Norton Internet Security, Norton AntiVirus and Norton 360 will call it a day then. In fact, Symantec is so confident in their upcoming product, that they are willing to offer a money-back 100% virus-free guarantee, now how about that? Those who are interested in giving the beta version of Norton Security a go can download it here.

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