john-legereA couple of days ago, T-Mobile proudly bragged that they have managed to beat out the competition like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint when it came to prepaid customers. The carrier narrowly edged out Sprint who would have otherwise taken the clear lead. T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere, appeared to be pretty confident.

In his statement he added that he predicted that by the end of the year, T-Mobile would have overtaken Sprint in total customers. That being said, it seems that Legere wants is asking the internet when they think T-Mobile will overtake Sprint. In a tweet sent out by the CEO, “I said by EOY. When do YOU think @TMobile will beat @Sprint in customer numbers? Gimmie your best guess. Date. Time. Use #OvertakeSprint!”

It almost sounds like a competition although unfortunately it does not seem like there have been any prizes announced yet and we’re sure if there will be. It’s interesting to see how quickly the tables have turned – it wasn’t too long ago that T-Mobile and Sprint appeared to be the best of friends when discussing a possible merger.

However later reports revealed that Sprint had dropped their plans for their bid on T-Mobile, and we guess T-Mobile’s CEO wasted no time in making themselves another adversary. Of course this could be done as friendly competition, but what do you think? Will T-Mobile be able to overtake Sprint in total customers by the end of the year?

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