thailand-banTruth can be stranger than fiction at times, but then there are moments in the history of mankind when fiction reflects a real world situation. Case in point, the Tropico 5 game which will thrust you right into the boots of El Presidente, a dictator who happens to rule all that you survey – within the boundaries of a small island of course, where you are then given a free reign to build the world according to your whim and fancy, all the while applying violence in order to suppress those who have the gall to go up against your benevolent rule. The thing is, Tropico 5 is not looked upon too kindly by the military junta in Thailand.


Considering the military dictatorship that is running in Thailand has already gone ahead by censoring the Internet as well as placing a ban on Bitcoin, it seems that the same dictatorship that has been running Thailand since a successful coup earlier this May has also decided to ban the sales of Tropico 5. The reason? The game’s content could actually (laughably) affect Thailand’s peace and order, perhaps through “enlightening” the general populace on how dictatorships work.

Stefan Marcinek, who is part of the developer team Kalypso, shared, “Our distributor has been working hard to gain approval for the release, but it seems that the Board of Film and Video Censors deem some of the content too controversial for their consumers. This does sound like it could have come from one of El Presidente’s own edicts from the game.”

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