I am quite sure that the very first time when you watched Minority Report back when it was released in the cinemas, most of us would have been blown away by the touchscreen controls that the actors inside portrayed in the line of duty. Fast forward to today, and just about all smartphones these days support touchscreen capability, while more and more computers, desktops and notebooks alike, do, too. Haptix, also known as Ractiv now, has lined up a highly affordable sensor that is capable of transforming just about any surface into a multi-touch PC controller, shipping the Touch+ worldwide for $75 a pop.

The Touch+ is no slouch when it comes to its design, and while its external features have changed, this does not mean that the insides have been radically altered. No sir, the Touch+ will still make use of similar basic concepts that were paraded during its early crowdfunding days. All that you, the user, needs to do would be to place the Touch+ on a desktop stand or a notebook, and its dual cameras will train on your finger movements, translating them into gestures. In a nutshell, you will be able to enjoy games using gesture controls on your PC, which should bring back fond memories of the Kinect when it first arrived.

I would say that this works great when you’re working late into the night and have ordered a pizza for dinner. It lets you continue working without having to let your greasy fingers touch the keyboard.

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