twitter_logoCompanies do get their customers flustered at times when they pull of an unpopular move, and it is Twitter’s turn this time around. It seems that Twitter’s most recent platform experiment has raised the ire of its users, where tweets on your timeline which appear do not hail from accounts that you follow, not to mention others are also able to check out the tweets that you have favorited, as though they were retweets.

In other words, given enough time, one will be flooded with more tweets from folks whom you do not follow compared to those who do – which can be said to be a deviation from one of Twitter’s core features, that is, its follow system. Taking into consideration how Twitter previously experimented with you muting folks whom you do not want to hear from without having to unfollow them, this particular move by Twitter does look out of whack, considering it is nothing short of annoying to listen to folks whom you do not bother to sign up with in the first place.

Another aspect that users are upset about would be privacy, and out of tweeting, retweeting, and favoriting, favoriting holds the most water in terms of being private. In fact, the only person who will be notified of your favorite is the tweeter, although this does not automatically translate to complete confidentiality. What do you think of this latest move by Twitter?

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